Basic Rules of Management in TBP


With its behavior, communication and correct information the management arouses enthusiasm in the co-workers for new ideas.

The behavior of our head workers is a clear example for the co-workers, because they put their tasks and not themselves forward.



In TBP, proper communication creates good interpersonal relationships. These are a foundation for a respectful attitude towards our partners: buyers, suppliers, owners and every one in our surroundings. Only with good and open human relationships our business success can be combined with our primary mission. Proper communication of every employee reflects his self-consciousness and understanding of the meaning of his workplace, function or individual's position.

Our head workers actively inform, constructively criticize and are open to criticism. They openly discuss unpleasant matters.


Finding the best solutions, making the right decisions and realizing them quickly are basic for company's business success.

Our head workers are looking for pragmatic solutions; they make clear and right decisions and quickly realize the goals.

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