Quality Management


In our vision, we strive for competitive operation and excellent business results by complying with the principles of the “Lean organization" and operating through the system "SFM (Shop Floor Management - Monitoring and control of goals)” and constantly fulfilling the expectations of customers, employees, owners, and environment.

We strive to attract new customers, develop new products, lower the operational expenses, and adapt to the needs and expectations of the market while at the same time complying with the legal and other requirements related to environmental aspects of the TBP company, occupational health and safety and meet information security requirements.

Our objective is to increase productivity, achieve constant progress in quality, environmental impact and occupational health and safety performance, prevent pollution by controlled use of natural resources, provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injury and ill health, eliminate hazards and minimize risks for occupational health and safety, consultation and participation of workers and workers representatives, and improve information security.

TBP’s quality management system conforms to SIST EN ISO 9001 quality management standard,
SIST EN ISO 14001 environmental management system standard, occupational health and safety management system standard SIST ISO 45001, the IATF 16949 automotive industry standard and TISAX information security management system.

Quality management is an interdisciplinary process which systemically connects the risk management processes and the opportunities to achieve expected results of the quality management system, such as the conformity of products/services with the customer’s requests and the legislation/regulation as well as the increased satisfaction of consumers.

The key to a successful business is in the search of causes and measures for managing risks and opportunities and in constant improvements.




Our policy is based on managing the entire operation in an honest and ethical manner. We have a zero-tolerance approach for bribery and corruption. We undertake to act in a professional, fair, and honest manner in all our business transactions.

At TBP, we see quality as a function of leadership on all levels – we aim for a comprehensive quality management:

1. Each employee is responsible for their work pursuant to the Quality manual and the Code of Conduct;
2. The real indicator of the quality of our products is in satisfying the needs of our costumers, employees, owners, and environment;
3. Each employee is to comply with the standards and regulations on environmental protection;
4. Constant improvement process is an integral part of all company’s activities;
5. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of quality at minimal expenses;
6. All employees are responsible for ensuring quality;
7. The company’s strategy is flawless operation and compliance with the principles of "lean organization";
8. The quality policy is accessible to the interested public;
9. The quality policy is designed and controlled by the company’s Director and is applied uniformly for the entire company;
10. The quality policy complies with the company’s acts and takes into consideration quality, environment, health and safety at work and information security.

The conditions for successful implementation of the quality policy are ensured by the company’s leadership.


Lenart, 26. October 2023

The Management Board of TBP d.d.

Danilo ROJKO



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