As a partner of the world car industry we support our buyer with their responsibility to protect the environment. For this purpose we develop environment friendly processes and products, which are of high quality and cost efficiency, and we use materials that can be recycled.


Environmental protection is part of TBP´s tradition for more then 30 years. Experiences of many years enable installation of environment processes and implementation of recyclable materials, which satisfy the environmental standards.

Environment policy of TBP is known and obligatory for all co-coworkers. Project work and daily care for the environment are the foundation of ecological activity of the company. Our main goal is to develop products, acceptable for the environment, reduction of emission and energy consumption and separate collection of waste.

Co-existence of TBP with its environment confirms our ISO 14001 standard, acquired in 2003.

We are trying to pass our commitment to protect the environment to our suppliers, who are included in projects of material and component development and implementing service.


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