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We would like to become an important producer of Bowden cables and other car components for world automotive industry.

With knowledge, experts, technology and capital we intend to exceed the expectations of buyers and create conditions for employment and further growth of the company.

In 60-ies, when TBP was founded, Bowden cables were the main products that generated growth of the company. In time, new product or groups of products arrived, such as plastic foils, metal parts for automotive industry, plastic and coated parts.

In the future, Bowden cables will become even more complex with integrated security elements and only new artificial materials, which will drive metals away, will be used for production.

Very promising products are also modules, where a Bowden cable is only a part of a larger complex that connects locks, spotlights, refrigerators, handles...















Gradiška cesta 3,
SI - 2230 Lenart, Slovenija

T: +386 2 729 16 00
F: +386 2 729 16 10


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