The fact that company’s reputation and social responsibility are strongly and positively connected is a crucial statement for our company.



We encourage achievements in sports as a result of good athletic condition. We are especially devoted to young and talented athletes. We are a general sponsor of a TBP Lenart Bicycle Club. Their achievements are reported on tbp-cycling.si.

We also support the sports spirit in places, where we operate.

  • Football Club Lenart
  • Football Club Jurovski Dol
  • Football Club Apače
  • Wrestling Club Lenart
  • Basketball Club Lenart

We also financially support other sport events in our region.



We believe in connection and co-existence of cultures, based on cultural diversity. For that reason we support visits of our artists abroad and artistic performances of foreign artists here. We are sponsors of Slovene National Theatre.

We also have our own art and culture club Delavec (worker).

We financially support other culture clubs in our region.

Humanitarian view


We are trying to enrich the life of the community we live in. That is why we contribute financial means to fire brigades in our and in neighboring communities, we help local associations, such as the Red Cross, Karitas, Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth, disability organizations, primary schools and others in the need of help.


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